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The idea to create the group has grown over several years, when we visited Britain’s air shows and looked with envy at the reenactors parading in their WW2 dress among vintage aeroplanes. The crucial moment came in March 2009 during

the Great Escape anniversary celebrations in Żagań (Sagan). It turned out that most of the ‘PoWs’ in the camp life reenactment display were Czechs. This was due to the universal feeling among Poland’s WW2 reenactment fraternity that setting up a Polish Air Force group would not make much sense in the absence of significant numbers of WW2-era aeroplanes in this country.
As enthusiasts of Polish Air Force history we came to the conclusion that this would not be an unsurmountable obstacle. We started to investigate what could be done. The first effect was to be seen during the 14th International Air
Picnic at Góraszkain June 2009, where one of the ‘founding fathers’ appeared dressed up as a Polish Air Force ‘erk’ during the opening of an exhibition of 303 Sqn photographs taken by the famous Polish writer and globe-trotter Arkady Fiedler. During the 6th Małopolski Air Picnic in Cracow Robert Gretzyngier accompanied by his two children (as befits the ‘founding father’) constituted the smalest reenactment group in Poland as a living addition to the exhibition celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Kościuszko Squadron and its badge.
The circle of friends who decided to act in our living history group includes the owner and pilot of the first WW2 RAF warbirds in Poland – Jacek Mainka. His yellow de Havilland Tiger Moth and camouflaged Taylorcraft Auster, adorned with Polish AF red-and-white chequerboards (national marking) have become the core of the group’s activities. The first major appearance could be seen at the Polish AF Air Show in Radom on 29 August 2009. These were followed by more air shows in Poland and abroad. No less important in our activity are living history lessons we give at various schools, as well as our participation in official ceremonies. Marcin

Kubrak, the owner of an airworthy North American Harvard, has become another friend of our Group.
Members of the group have long collected documents, photographs and other memorabilia related to WW2 Polish Air Force. We would like to appeal to veterans and their families to support us with their family archive items: old photographs,

pieces of clothing and all those things, large and small, that were essential in everyday life in those times. We also declare that we will be happy to participate in events, both official and educational, commemorating WW2 Polish Air Force in the West.

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